Wellesley, MA

Services Provided: 

  • Commercial Architecture

BSC Role: 

  • Design Architect

BSC was retained by Wellesley College to investigate sources of ongoing water infiltration problems at Founders Hall and develop a proposed design to resolve the problems. Founders Hall is a Neo-Gothic mass masonry building constructed in 1919 which currently houses classrooms and offices. In addition to the known water infiltration concerns, BSC was also tasked to complete a general building enclosure condition survey to examine for areas of the building that are deteriorating or may be in need of repair in order to ensure long-term building performance. BSC was asked to assess the scope of repairs which included replacement of all roof ridge flashing, valley flashing, hip flashing, and step flashing; replacement of small area of flat roof; re-pointing of all stone caps and architectural stone features; re-pointing of chimneys; and general re-pointing of stone on vertical surfaces. BSC developed a set of construction drawings which included details illustrating the proposed repairs.