Boston, MA

Services Provided: 

  • Building Performance and Commissioning

BSC Role: 

  • Building Enclosure and Energy Performance Consultant

The Old Colony public housing project underwent a major redevelopment, replacing 1940's-era brick low-rise housing units with new mid-rise and townhome apartment buildings, and a community center. As part of an integrated team, BSC provided consulting services on the durability, energy efficiency, and constructability aspects of the building enclosure. This included participation in design charrettes, which determined overall directions for building enclosure, including the use of exterior spray foam on a steel stud backup wall. BSC also performed several iterative detailed design reviews on the plan sets, assessing plans and details in terms of their energy performance and durability risks. Specific problematic details were highlighted, and solutions were proposed for these issues. BSC also conducted training for the various trades, as well as site visits to inspect the construction practices implemented in the buildings.