Detroit, MI

Services Provided: 

  • Commercial Architecture

BSC Role: 

  • Architect of Record

BSC was retained as part of an “Integrated Team” to investigate water intrusion and condensation concerns of an air traffic control tower and associated base building in Detroit, MI. The tower was investigated to examine signs of liquid rain water intrusion through the enclosure elements as well as locations of condensation accumulation within the exterior enclosure elements. Based on the results of the first field investigation, several other site visits were scheduled to examine conditions in areas that were not readily accessible and to conduct some intrusive disassembly of enclosure components in order to verify construction. The architectural drawings were also reviewed to examine the proposed construction of the building. BSC was able to identify the locations of the water infiltration and condensation accumulation problem areas. Based on the findings, BSC prepared construction drawings and specifications for the rehabilitation of the control tower and the base building, and provided field review of the repairs in progress.